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Welcome to Alssayarat.com, the ultimate destination for most of the used car buyers and sellers. By using Alssayarat.com website, you accept the Terms and Conditions cited bellow. Please go through these before you continue to use the Website.

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  • Ownership of Content:

    The content (including pictures, contact details and other textual and non-textual content) posted on this website belongs to the people who posted it, and by posting it on Alssayarat.com, they have agreed with these terms and conditions. Usage and reproduction of this content is not allowed, unless otherwise agreed by the person who posted it. Alssayarat.com in this case is not responsible for any legal and disciplinary actions that can be taken against the persons who is posting it and the person who is reproducing it. The content whether textual or graphical present on different pages of the website is present as it is. It may contain errors or otherwise. Alssayarat.com keeps updating it from time to time, but is not liable to change it. By posting any content on Alssayarat.com, you agree to not to post any content, for which you don't have the legal rights to post or distribute. In case you posted any copyrighted material, for which you don't have the permission to use or re-distribute, alssayarat.com will not be responsible for it. Note : You should not in any case post any content which reflects voilence, or pornography or any other socially prohibited content, which is not related to what Alssayarat.com is meant for. Alssayarat.com is always moderating the content before being posted live, but in any case if this content was missed and got posted on the site. You will be fully responsible for it. Alssayarat.com will remove such content as and when detected or reported by some other user or any other authority.

  • Monetary Transactions:

    Alssayarat.com is not in any sense involved in the deales between the seller and buyer, and is therefore not responsible for any monetary disputes (if arise) between the seller and buyer. Alssayarat.com is also not responsible for the goods delivery, condition and the prices charged for those goods. Its all between the seller and buyer, to check agree and set the price by themselves. All the documentation and other process of transfer of the goods and legal aspects of the sale and purchase should be taken care by the two parties only. Prices mentioned on the website are the prices set by the seller itself, and Alssayarat.com has nothing to do with it. Buyers take the full responsibility of the transactions he does for any goods he purchase by dealing with the seller. No any claims for any of these conditions will be considered against Alssayarat.com

  • Sale and Purchase:

    Sale and or purchase of the goods(cars) is only between the seller and the buyer. Alssayarat.com is never involved in this process, and should not be contacted for any assistance and or settlement. Sellers should make sure, they are dealing with the right person, and buyers should make sure they are paying for the goods for what they were promised to get. Always meet in person and check the goods before you do any transactions, deals or commitments.